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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of our most asked questions. If you do not see your question here, please feel free to contact us by email or phone.


When is the best time to plant?

Depending on your region, most plants can be safely planted in mid-late May.  You may plant sooner, but might have to cover your plants to protect from any late frosts.


What is the difference between annuals and perennials?


Annuals are plants that live for one year and then die. They tend to be very colorful and showy in the garden. Perennials live for multiple years, if not indefinately. These plants can survive harsh winters.  (There are also plants called biennials. These plants grow leaves in their first year, flower in their second and then die.)


What is a hardiness zone?


To classify a plant as an annual or a perennial, you must know it's hardiness zone, or the minimum temperature that that plant can survive.  The USDA hardiness zone for most of central NY is zone 5. So when you want  to purchase a perennial, look for a plant with a hardiness zone of 5 or  less.


How often should I fertilize my plant?


Depending on the product you fertilize with you can fertilize every day, once a week, or once a growing season. Be sure to read directions on your particular fertilizer. (One of the easiest fertilizers is ozmocote- simply sprinkle a little in the ground when you plant, and you're done for the summer!)


What kinds of plants do you carry?


We have thousands of plants to choose from, including a wide variety of annuals, perennials, biennials, vegetables and herbs. We also sell several different climbing vines, groundcovers and hanging baskets. Most of our plants can be purchased in 4/6 packs, 4" pots, gallon pots or in baskets.

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